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"My guitar is being worked on in the shop. Do you mind if I play yours?"

It may have been an odd way to start a conversation but that night in 2005 was the beginning of Kenny and Claire’s musical journey. They had met beforehand, but their relationship didn’t start until the music did. That summer Kenny and Claire started playing as a duo touring throughout South Carolina and North Carolina playing original music and leading worship at churches, camps, and community events. In many ways, this sense of adventure has been the root of both their music and relationship.

In 2008 Kenny and Claire were married and they moved to Wake Forest, NC where Kenny could pursue an M.Div. at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and later begin Ph.D. work in Old Testament. In 2014, Kenny began work as both the senior pastor and worship leader of a church outside of Asheville, NC. Life in the mountains was beautiful and the beauty of nature plays a big role in the couple’s music and songwriting.

However, a battle with a brain tumor and health concerns left Kenny unable to work for a time and the couple returned to Wake Forest. In this time, the couple started a music teaching studio and worked on their songwriting with their congregation, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, the Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI) and Nashville’s Artist And. As Kenny’s health improved, the band’s friendships in the music community and love for music led them to move to Nashville, TN.


Since moving to Nashville, Kenny and Claire have been listed as one of NSAI’s “Ones to Watch”. They recorded multiple songs for two North Wake Music albums and were background vocalists on Greg Lafollette’s I’ll Wait for You My Love album. They’ve been featured on the Iron Sharpens Iron Podcast and UTR’s Good Patron Podcast as well as part of the Rabbit Room’s New Music Roundup.  They raised over $18,000 on Kickstarter to fund their debut EP in February 2021.  


Kenny and Claire are releasing their debut EP, Are You Weary, in September 2021. Their move to Nashville has grown them as musicians and songwriters and has pushed them to hone their sound. The trials that the couple faced has led them to write the kind of music that has encouraged them, offering hope and light to those who are sitting in the dark.  Their music could be described as a rootsy downhome folk sound that is both welcoming and fun. Kenny and Claire’s goal is to produce music that is honest and encouraging, music that helps the church united sing together of their hope in Christ.

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